seepex smart conveying technology extends pump life at Fernbrook Bio


seepex pumps are an essential part of the Fernbrook Bio plant in the UK which takes food waste for conversion to Biogas. The de-packed waste food drops into a seepex open hopper progressive cavity pump which feeds the digester. The variation in consistency of food waste from many sources, together with abrasive contaminants, was leading to excessive wear on the pump stators. seepex recommended upgrading the pumps to smart conveying technology (SCT), a patented innovative development of rotor and stator design.

Smart conveying technology comprises a stator that is split longitudinally and held in place with four retaining segments. The adjustable nature of the stator means that pump performance can be regained as wear occurs by adjusting the segments. The upgrade of one of the existing open hopper pumps has delivered over five times the life of a standard stator. In addition to extending stator life maintenance is easier with no need to remove pipework before changing stators and rotors, a point particularly important when downtime needs to be minimised. Maintenance time can be reduced by up to 85% when SCT if fitted to a pump.

Fernbrook Bio have been so impressed with SCT on their most abrasive duty that they have ordered a second SCT open hopper pump underneath the shredder and a third for the pasteuriser feed pump.

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