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Number of FITs applications in review by Ofgem falls

DECC have released data on the number of AD plants that are awaiting approval by Ofgem for the Feed-in Tariff. This is the following (as of 30 June 2014): ≤250kW >250-500kW >500kW-5MW Number Capacity (MW) Number Capacity (MW) Number Capacity…

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Latest DECC RHI degression statistics released

DECC have published its latest data on RHI deployment up to the end of June. For biomethane, while there was not a significant increase in the expected expenditure from registered biomethane plants (called ‘accreditations’ in the chart below), there was…

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Good response to WRAP’s AD survey

We are currently working with WRAP on finalising the annual survey of the AD industry they conducted earlier this year. We are pleased to say that the response rate to the survey has been good and a slight improvement on…

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Invite to Ofgem sustainability criteria workshop

ADBA members have been invited to a forum to be organised by Ofgem on the introduction of sustainability criteria to the RHI. This is an excellent opportunity for the industry to make Ofgem aware of any questions that they feel…

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Ofgem biogas heat RHI presentation

Ofgem have provided us with a presentation on eligibility for the RHI for biogas heat (including CHP) plants. This includes some important points: where two separate CHP plants are connected to the same digester, Ofgem appear to indicate that these…

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