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Made in Britain – celebrated in Rio

The UK government’s Department for International Trade invites you – the AD industry – to promote your wares… in Brazil! “The UK & Brazil Partners in Energy” is a high-profile conference hosted on 7th -8th June at the iconic Copacabana…

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BBC World shines spotlight on CCm Technologies

“Turning back the climate clock,” the final episode in James Wong’s series “Follow the Food,” aired on 12th March. From 7’15” to 9’9”, Professor Peter Hammond, Chief Technology Officer at CCm Technologies, shares how digestate is a gamechanger for decarbonising…

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AD at the Heart of a Circular Economy

Leanne Williams, Lead Analyst at ADBA, presented in-person earlier this month at’s National Food Waste Conference. To the audience of food waste processors, food waste producers, waste management companies, local authorities and charities, she made clear the message: AD…

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ADBA lobbies for gas sanctions against Putin

ADBA has written to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and relevant ministers to place an embargo on Russian natural gas and replace it with biomethane – at its full potential the biogas sector could produce three times the amount the…

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