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Snowdon Energy Limited

Chard, Somerset

Plant Concept and Supplier:

  • PlanET Biogastechnik GmbH


  • Co-op


  • Under construction (July 2012)


  • Maize silage (approx. 4.500 t/a)
  • Cattle manure (approx. 4.400 t/a)
  • Grass silage (approx. 2.500 t/a)
  • Broiler manure (approx. 1.500 t/a)

Technical Data

Solid charger: PlanET Multirotor Vario 74 m³ “Muck and Grass” version incl. auger system, weighing cells, automation and system monitoring; all critical components are made of stainless steel.

Digester: d = 25 m, h = 6 m; V = 2,945 m³, wall and base heating, PlanET eco cover incl. desulphurification, PlanET gas storage roof (double membrane incl. gas regulation). Agitation: 1 PlanET eco paddle (15 kW incl. frequency converter), 3 x PlanET eco mix (7.5 kW).

CHP: 499 kW el./530 kWth. 2G MAN Twin Pack Gas engine (2 x 249 kW), containerised unit including gas treatment (cooling, cleaning), gas flare, heat distribution and gas analyser.

Technical Container: The pre-manufactured, containerised unit is situated beside the tank and includes the electrics, automation and system monitoring.

The complete substrate and gas pipework is made of PE.

Technical Highlight

The PlanET Separator unit is used to separate the digestate into liquid and solid material. The liquids are recirculated in the digester or pumped into 2 different lagoons (off-site).

Energy Production

Electricity production: Approx. 4,000.000 kWh/a

Heat production: Approx. 4,240.000 kWh/a

The electricity is used on farm and surplus electricity is exported into the public grid.

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