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Biogas fuelling bus depots in and around Stockholm

Biogas fuelling bus depots in and around Stockholm

Environmental awareness sees several new bus depots being constructed with buses running on renewable fuel

Ramboll’s involvement began in 2006 with the Fredriksdal bus depot project with technical advice and calculations undertaken for a pressurising and gas storage system for biogas and natural gas. Ramboll is now assisting the client from the planning to the tender and procurement stage for the development of a vehicle fuelling gas plant for the depot, which will supply 130 buses. Biogas, upgraded to biomethane, is supplied from Henriksdal wastewater treatment works, one of the largest underground treatment plants in the world, run by the Stockholm Water Company.

Ramboll has also assisted with the tendering process and risk assessment for Gubbängen bus depot with a biogas design consumption of 16,650 Nm3/day to eventually supply 90 buses.

With our involvement again beginning in 2009, the Charlottendal bus depot project will see the development of a biogas fuelling station for 142 buses. SL also has an agreement with the Käppala Association for the provision of biogas by pipeline from the wastewater treatment works in Lidingö to a new bus depot in Frihamnen and a future one in Värmdo. Ramboll is supporting the client with the development of the biogas refuelling facilities at these locations.

Customer Value

These projects take Storstockholm Localtrafik a step close to realising their aspirations. Biogas use reduces emissions and provides quieter running vehicles than fossil fuel powered vehicles. Nitrogen oxides and particulates are also lowered. Ramboll is taking a key role in the fruition of these projects ensuring successful delivery to the client and great environmental benefit to the city of Stockholm.

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