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Emilie Weiner is a dedicated Policy and Markets Analyst at the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), where she leverages her passion for sustainable practices to drive positive change in the realms of waste management and agriculture. With a keen focus on policy development, Emilie is committed to shaping impactful strategies that transcend borders and generations.

Emilie holds a Master of Science in Climate Change: Environment, Science, and Policy from King’s College London, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts from New York University. Her academic journey has equipped her with a robust understanding of the intricate intersections between environmental science and policy.

Emilie excels in analysis, policy formulation, writing, and research, demonstrating a versatile skill set essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of environmental policy. Her proficiency allows her to navigate complex issues, ensuring informed decision-making and fostering innovation. Her professional mission revolves around shaping policies that foster sustainability, driving innovation in environmental practices, and creating a positive impact that resonates globally.

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