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Training | Pressure Systems Safety (TBC)

18 April, 2023 9:00AM - 5:00PM

For AD developers and operators working on a biomethane AD plant or using a compressed air system, and suppliers designing, building and commissioning biomethane upgraders and compressed air systems.

This course is aimed at raising awareness of the hazards associated with pressure systems as well as the relevant regulatory framework.  This course will offer delegates the unique opportunity to learn from real life case studies and forensic investigations into pressure systems failures, providing a first hand perspective of what can go wrong and why.


Pressure systems safety regulations training – program

  • Opening Comments – Why inspect anyway?
  • Definitions – The Pressure System Safety Regulations, Scope and legal requirements
  • Design & Installation – Importance of having a verifiable design and the effects of installation upon the pressure system.
  • Safe Operating Limits – What are they?
  • Written Scheme of Examination – What is it ?
    • Decision process for creating one
    • Scope of the system
    • Exclusions/inclusions.
  • Examination of Pressure Plant
    • The process of inspection (Understanding which parts need inspecting, Preparing plant for inspection)
    • Effects of defects at critical locations.
    • NDT –Different techniques available – The pros and cons
    • Remote Visual Examination
    • Re assembly following inspection
  • Maintenance – Use of maintenance records to support inspection results and BG01 compliance
  • Safety Valves – Last line of defense – importance of sizing
  • Defects – Common Defects in Pressure Systems
  • Modifications/Repairs.
    • Understanding why repairs are required.
    • Understanding what constitutes a repair.
    • Understanding what the repair process is.
    • Understanding best practice with regards to a repair.
    • Understanding what would be classed as a temporary repair.
    • Have and appreciation of good and bad repairs.
  • Examination

This course is a 1 day course, in person.

Ticket Prices

£500+VAT each for members

£550+VAT each for non-members

*Training events are non-refundable

Lunch and refreshments included.


To express interest, contact Charlotte Marcel, Technical Strategy Lead at ADBA, at and +44 (0) 203 960 0772

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