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It's all about the methane - organic wastes, recovery and recycling

Humans directly or indirectly generate over 105 billion tonnes of organic wastes globally each year, all of which release harmful methane and other greenhouse gas emissions directly into the atmosphere as they decompose.

These organic wastes include food waste, sewage and garden wastes, food and drink processing wastes, and farm and agricultural wastes. Today only 2% of these are treated and recycled.

Over the first decade in the atmosphere one tonne of methane is the equivalent of 86 tonnes of CO2. If we do not cut methane emissions from organic wastes immediately, then climate catastrophe is unavoidable.

By managing all organic waste as important bioresources through anaerobic digestion and the generation of biogas we can cut global GHG emissions by 10% by 2030, starting now. Untreated organic wastes are a problem. Anaerobic digestion not only solves this problem, but also delivers the greatest value from these bioresources.

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