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Address The Grain Store, The Old Coal Yard, Gagingwell,
Postcode OX7 4EF
Town Chipping Norton
Country United Kingdom


AD developers and operators , Design and Build Consultants , Engineering Consultants

Products & Services


Formed in 1994, Agrivert has delivered solutions to the wastewater and organic waste sectors for nearly 30 years. During this time, Agrivert has established itself as a market leader in the development and operation of organic waste treatment facilities, widely recognised for creating facilities that are best in class offering high availability, operability and robustness, derived from extensive operational experience.  Agrivert developed sludge treatment, open and in-vessel composting solutions before identifying the need for anaerobic digestion facilities. Designing, financing, constructing, and operating five of its own AD facilities, Agrivert established itself as one of the best performers in the UK AD market. During this time, Agrivert also delivered two full turnkey facility solutions and numerous other engineering projects on behalf of third parties.


In 2018, Severn Trent Green Power purchased Agrivert’s operational assets and the associated support team. Since the sale, Agrivert has been successful in securing a significant contract as the lead partner of a three-party joint venture to design, build and operate a food waste treatment facility for the Hong Kong Government.  Agrivert is also providing operations and maintenance (O+M) services for several third-party owned crop-fed AD facilities, whilst simultaneously seeking Environmental Engineering development opportunities around the world.

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