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Anaergia UK

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Address Unit 4 Spencer Court, Howard Road
Postcode PE19 8ET
Town Eaton Socon, St Neots
Region Cambs
Country United Kingdom
Tel 01480 477608


AD developers and operators , AD Equipment or Plant Supplier , Waste water operator , Waste/Recycling Industry

Products & Services

Anaergia UK provide the following services to the AD and waste sectors:

• Design, construction and commissioning of new AD plants
We have a dedicated and highly experienced engineering team that have developed agricultural and food waste AD plants across the UK.
• Provision of service, maintenance and AD plant support
With a team of specialist engineers we provide all types of service and maintenance functions to AD plant owners and operators. All our team are breathing apparatus certified and fully trained for working at height and experienced enough to take on any task. Supporting this team are project engineers and a procurement specialist.
• Reconfiguration and expansion of existing AD plant assets
Our engineering team coupled with our service and maintenance team undertake a wide range of plant modifications and upgrades from digester overhauls, tank and pasteurisation plant installs and pipe and equipment modifications
• Supply and installation of organics recovery systems for co-mingled and MSW waste streams.
Anaergia have a unique system known as OREX which recovers organics from a range of waste streams which is suitable for digestion
• Supply and installation of AD plant equipment
We supply and fit a range of AD plant components designed and manufactured by our sister company UTS Biogas including PSM mixers and service boxes, digestate separators and specialist AD pump systems.


Anaergia is a global leader in anaerobic digestion, organics recovery and conversion. Our uniquely-capable range of products (including the OREX extrusion press) & >20 years? experience means we offer complete solutions for converting wastes, from agricultural to MSW, into clean energy, fertiliser and recycled water. Anaergia has been active in the UK for more than a decade, with 13 plants installed in the UK by the end of 2020, a growing UK service business and since 2019 has expanded into UK plant operations. UK customers will have access to the full potential of the worldwide Anaergia group.

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