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Aqua Enviro

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Address 8 Appleton Court, Calder Park
Postcode WF2 7AR
Town Wakefield
Fax 01924 257455
Tel 01924 242255


Consultants , Environmental Consultants , Laboratory Testing Services , Process Consultants , Training providers

Products & Services

  • Feedstock Testing & Laboratory Services
  • Treatability / Pilot Trials
  • Troubleshooting & Plant Optimisation
  • Design & Tender Review Project Management
  • Training Expert Witness


Aqua Enviro is an independent consultancy specialising in the treatment of waste water, bio-solids and organic waste. We provide commissioning and operational support, training and process optimisation as well as design verification trials to provide an independent assessment of feedstocks and anaerobic digestion technologies. Our treatability laboratory can provide rapid sample turnaround and specialist investigative analysis including: toxicity assessments, nutrient reviews and digestate dewaterability testing.

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