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Address C/ Alcalá N° 21, 10° Derecha. 28014 - Madrid
Country Spain
Tel +34 911 441 324


AD Equipment or Plant Supplier , Consultants , Environmental Consultants


ECONWARD is a global technology company specialized in creating and developing innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for treating, recycling and recovering bio-waste. 

The Company, in line with the Circular Economy principles, thrives for the reuse of the organic waste by generating a sanitized biomass providing social, environmental and economic benefits. Hence, reducing the need for landfills and transforming waste into new materials serving useful purposes, both material and energetic alike.

ECONWARD´s technology, registered internationally, applies a treatment based on a thermal hydrolysis process to the bio-waste. The whole technical process is highly efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly, contributing to the compliance with international and European environment, waste and energy standards.

ECONWARD currently operates in Europe, Latin America and the United States through its offices based in Madrid, Buenos Aires and California.

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