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Utonomy Ltd

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Address Epsilon House, University of Southampton Science Park, Enterprise Road, Southampton, SO16 7NS


Technology Provider


Utonomy‘s retrofittable technologies help gas network operators achieve their decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation goals. Quickly and with minimum disruption.

We believe that, for a sustainable future, energy needs to be more affordable, more secure and have less impact on the climate.

Founded in early 2015 by CEO Adam Kingdon, Utonomy develops technologies that help utilities minimise gas loss and reduce their operating costs through more automated and lower maintenance networks.

Our products and cloud-based solutions help gas utilities improve pressure control, optimise feed-in of non-conventional gases, such as biomethane, and monitor their networks.

Utonomy’s unique solution can be retrofitted to existing network equipment quickly and easily without high capital investment. Payback for utilities is typically less than three years and the solution is already gaining strong traction from gas distribution companies

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