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Call for evidence: Defra near-ban on biodegradable municipal waste to landfill

Defra have issued a call for evidence on the near elimination of bio-waste to landfill from 2028 as well as the complete removal of biodegradable waste from the residual waste stream. You can read the full consultation document here. ADBA will be responding and we want to hear from you, particularly around the following questions:

Do you know of any innovations, solutions or ideas as to how mixed wastes could be treated or sorted, or existing sorting improved, to remove biodegradable material from these waste streams?

What are the barriers to using alternative treatments for these materials other than landfill?
Please share any evidence or data that explains your view.
19 05 03 Off-specification compost
19 12 12 Combustible waste (refuse derived fuel)
20 01 08 Biodegradable kitchen and canteen waste
20 02 01 Biodegradable waste
20 03 03 Street cleaning residues
20 03 07 Bulky waste
20 01 38 + 19 12 07 Wood

Do you have a view on how government could help support alternative treatments for this waste?

Do you have any views, evidence or data that explains why the materials shown in Table 2 are sent to landfill as opposed to alternative treatment higher up the waste hierarchy?

How can government support the movement of these materials for treatment further up the waste hierarchy?

Are there any instruments you could suggest that would be effective in eliminating biodegradable waste to landfill?

Do you have any evidence or thoughts of materials or waste codes that could be targeted before others, or should all biodegradable municipal waste be targeted at the same time?

Do you have a view on how can government support the development of infrastructure required to manage biodegradable waste diverted from landfill?

If you would like to input, please email Jo at

before 26th June.

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