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Call for feedback on the review of the Net Zero Strategy 

Since the UK government published the Net Zero Strategy, outlining how it intends to reach net zero by 2050, a lot has changed within the geo-political arena. The Russian invasion of Ukraine combined with other global factors has changed the economic landscape in the UK. High energy prices and inflation have placed huge pressure on UK businesses and households.  

Considering these changes, the government recently commissioned a review into how the government approaches its net zero obligations. This review intends to understand better the different ways net zero can be delivered while maximising the economic opportunities of the transition.  

In particular, the review sets out to consider how net zero can: 

  • deliver maximum economic growth and investment, driving opportunities for private investment, jobs, innovation, exports, and growth right across the UK 
  • support UK energy security and affordability for consumers and businesses and the need to rapidly increase and strengthen UK energy production and supply 
  • minimise costs borne by businesses and consumers, particularly in the short-term 

Reaching net zero by 2050 without delay is fundamental to achieving the Paris Agreement’s 1.5-degree goal, and this review aims to understand how the UK can adjust its approach to ever-changing conditions to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions on time, without placing an undue burden on businesses or consumers.  

As ADBA is preparing its response to this call for evidence, we would like to ask our members to support us in demonstrating to the government how AD not only delivers vital carbon savings, but can provide energy security, reduce reliance on costly imports, create jobs, and attract significant private investment. This is a great opportunity for all our members to voice their thoughts on how the AD industry can be developed further, and to put a spotlight on the major challenges the industry is facing along the Net Zero Strategy pathway. 

Please take the short 5-min survey below to provide your feedback 


If you have any questions related to the survey or the review, please contact Wasundara at  

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