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Edina with MWM make a strong showing in UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards


Edina Logo 120Following a hectic first day at ADBA’s annual conference and exhibition, UK AD & Biogas 2013, Edina Group was delighted to attend the awards dinner as finalists in their category. The evening was a most enjoyable one and recognised the contribution of the many companies and manufacturers involved in anaerobic digestion and biogas. Sir Peter Jones’s address also highlighted the growth and progress made in the industry with the need for a coherent and cooperative approach to further its aims.

As the ceremony progressed it became apparent that MWM engines, with container design and manufacture in the UK by Edina, were making a strong showing. Out of eight projects put forward for awards, Edina supplied six – four of which were winning projects and two were highly commended.

We would like to congratulate all the participants and look forward to next year and the projects underway, as well as all the leads generated by the show.

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