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Free ADBA membership for farmers and local authorities


The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) has announced that farmers and local authorities will receive free membership to ADBA until 30 September 2012 when booking conference tickets to the UK AD & Biogas 2012 conference: AD Your Missing Link.

ADBA’s third annual trade show and conference will focus specifically on demonstrating the benefits and business case for AD to local authorities and the food and farming industries.

ADBA Chief Executive, Charlotte Morton:

We are keen to maximise the benefits of AD in both the farming and household and commercial food waste sectors, with one of the key mechanisms of support being through our membership services, providing local authorities, farmers and companies with expert advice, access to a range of resources and the opportunity to address key AD political and regulatory issues affecting their business or locality.


In farming AD is a key technology for delivering the sustainable intensification of food production, as well as helping to reduce emissions, fertiliser use and energy costs, while generating an additional and secure revenue stream which keeps farmers farming.


The UK also has the potential to be a world leader in the digestion of food waste. The flexibility of AD means it can treat many different organic waste streams, and it is the technology which realises the greatest environmental benefit from all of those wastes. The key to success is working out what is best for your business or, in the case of a local authority, for your area, in particular your residents.


Our exhibition and conference UK AD & Biogas 2012 has been designed to answer these questions, and to help you start making the most of your organic waste resource.

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