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G59 Relay update- Have you done yours?

As part of the UK’s energy transition, all owners of generating sites in Great Britain are required to ensure that their installations are compliant with Engineering Recommendation G59/3-7. Making these changes through the programme will help National Grid ESO operate the electricity network more efficiently, reduce balancing costs and therefore provide savings to electricity customers.

For AD plants with CHP’s this involves upgrading G59 relays to better deal with grid faults.

To help with the cost of this upgrade AD plant owners are encouraged to apply to the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (known as ALoMCP) to claim potentially thousands of pounds to make mandatory Loss of Mains protection changes.

The ALoMCP is offering funding to non-domestic distributed generators that were connected before 1 February 2018 to upgrade their hardware in a move that will improve network resilience, and support wider initiatives helping meet the UK’s net zero targets.

All applicable generators will be required by the Distribution Code to have up to date protection settings by 1 September 2022 or they could be the subject of an enforcement programme.

CHP owners should check with their CHP O+M provider to ensure this work is completed before the deadline. 

More information can be found here and here.


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