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Government will provide AD with the certainty it needs – DECC Minister


Charles Hendry MP, Minister of State for DECC, told the ADBA National Conference today [Wednesday 14 December] that his Department recognised that government needed to provide the AD industry with greater clarity over future policy to allow the industry to grow.

Speaking to over 200 delegates at One Great George Street in Westminster, the Minister said that “we understand the greatest enemy to investment is uncertainty”. He said what DECC “need to do in the coming months – and I mean in the next few months – is provide the long term clarity” required to attract that investment, including “working to ensure the financial incentives provide the revenue needed to support AD”.

He also recognised the unique benefits of AD which “set it apart from other renewables”, such as constant generation and the ability to store gas. The Minister reiterated DECC’s desire to work an industry that they see as “an important sector” in “the green revolution we need”.

Reacting, ADBA Chairman Lord Redesdale said:

The Minister’s engagement with the issues around AD is very welcome: particularly his recognition that DECC can and should do more to provide clarity and certainty to investors. Getting funding for AD plants remains a real challenge for the industry, and fears about future government policy have been a major cause of this.


I am glad that he has committed to working together with us on many issues going forward, including the role of Ofgem, reducing the burden of regulation, and recognising the role and sustainability of crop feedstocks.

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