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Industry Leaders Recognised at UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards 2015

Leaders from across the AD industry were honoured at last night’s UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards 2015. 

With 60 entries for just 14 award categories, the industry awards recognise the greatest contributors: from operators to suppliers, micro-scale to large scale and energy contributions to non-energy contributions. 

Speaking at ADBA's fourth UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards, ADBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton said: 

“There has been a lot of exceptional hard work by dedicated professionals over the past five years all aimed at scaling our industry. Today the AD industry boasts 400 biogas plants, which together deliver an electrical equivalent capacity (electricity and biomethane) of almost 480 megawatts – equivalent to the capacity of one of the nuclear power plants, Wyfla, which is being decommissioned this year. 


We’re honoured to recognise the greatest contributors to those sector triumphs that have developed AD as an established, proven technology.   


Their dedication to enhancing our industry’s reputation and continued growth is a testament to the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that has helped establish the firm foundation on which AD is now positioned to expand.” 

Charlotte added: 

“I was also delighted to present Industry Ambassador awards to three individuals who have gone above and beyond to champion the industry’s interests.” 

The ADBA Industry Ambassador award was presented to: 

  • Bruce Nelson, Director of Compass Renewables
  • Angie Bywater, Network Manager, BBSRC and AD Network
  • Tony Fenton, Joint Managing Director of Edina

Bruce Nelson, Director of Compass Renewables commented: 

“A great privilege to accept this award – having worked with ADBA for the past seven years you can see the positive impact that their work has on the industry. 

“Looking forward to the year ahead I hope to make the banks as enthusiastic as we all are about AD.”  

Angie Bywater, Network Manager, BBSRC and AD Network added: 

“I’m hugely honoured and surprised to receive this award. 

“I think there’s a huge market for small-scale AD and on-site AD. What excites me is that tonight we’re celebrating some great British engineering – and that’s something which needs to be supported.” 

UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards, which features some of the top industry names, is a fine example of the growth and diversity of anaerobic digestion in the UK:

Category Winner
Innovation in sewage treatment
through AD (Sponsored by Edina)
Anglian Water Services Ltd
Innovation in community and
commercial food waste collection
Oxford City Council
Highly commended: Olleco
Innovation in process
ENER-G Combined Power Ltd
Highly commended: HRS Heat Exchangers
Best engineering team Qila Energy
installation/commissioning team
Uniflare Ltd
Highly commended: Biogen
Best maintenance team Clarke Energy
ADBA industry ambassador award Bruce Nelson, Compass
Angie Bywater, BBSRC and AD Network
Tony Fenton, Edina
Making the most of biogas GENeco
Making the most of digestate Nijhuis H2OK Ltd
Best supporting service
Pegasus Group
Best small scale AD
Evergreen Gas
Highly commended: QUBE Renewables
Best on-farm AD project:
(Sponsored by Vogelsang)
Wyke Farms
Best food and drink industry
AD project
Best merchant waste AD project
or plant (Sponsored by Clarke Energy)
Highly commended: Biogen
AD hero/team of the year (Sponsored by Pegasus Group) Alan Midwinter, SGN
Highly commended: Jacqui MacCaig, RUR3 Environmental Ltd

Martin Wager, Business Development Manager with ENER-G Combined Power Ltd, who won the UK AD & Biogas Industry Award for Innovation in process efficiency/optimisation, commented: 

“We’re honoured to win this prestigious award from the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association – it’s a tribute to the talents of our UK engineering and manufacturing teams.” 

HRS Heat Exchangers’ International Sales Manager, Matt Hale, also recognised with a High Commendation for Innovation in process efficiency/optimisation, added: 

“We’re delighted to receive the commendation for our digestate pasteurisation systems. We pride ourselves on managing AD energy efficiently, with a proven track record of installations where up to 70% energy is recovered. 

“The award dinner was highly enjoyed by the team and it was a great opportunity to meet with industry professionals. 

“We look forward to returning next year and bringing new innovative technologies to the market.” 

Brian Scheffe, Head of Anaerobic Digestion and Industrial Effluent for Nijhuis H2OK Ltd, who won the award for making the most of digestate, said: 

“Nijhuis H2OK are extremely pleased to have been recognised at UK AD & Biogas 2015 for making the most of digestate. Our game changing Nijhuis Ammonia Recovery system is an excellent example of the continuing innovations of Nijhuis Industries within the waste to value market place.” 

Clarke Energy’s Sector Manager, Andy Cooper – awarded best maintenance team – said: 

“We’re extremely honoured to have our service capabilities recognised by this award. 

“We aim to give all our customers the highest level of service as part of our company ethos and values.”

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