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MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Brotherton Ifarm C/O Booth Brothers Biogas – Open Day 20th June.

MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Brotherton Ifarm C/O Booth Brothers Biogas – Open Day 20th June.

Brotherton iFarm is an innovative agricultural project supported by Agrii, a leading provider of agronomy services, technology, and strategic advice for sustainable and profitable farming. The iFarm projects are essentially demonstration farms that allow Agrii to showcase the latest advancements in biomass production, crop management, and sustainable farming practices.

As a working farm and AD plant, the site is perfect to trial new ideas and products. Using the existing farm machinery, to a suitable comparable field scale, we have a range of varieties of crops for biogas production.

Key aspects of Brotherton iFarm include:

Demonstration and Trials: Brotherton iFarm conducts various field trials to test new crop varieties, crop protection, crop nutrition, and farming techniques under real-world conditions. This helps to validate the effectiveness and efficiency of new agricultural products and methods. Farm scale variety trials for forage oats, maize and hybrid rye crop, provide a unique insight into a variety’s potential use in the AD market. Looking for key characteristics to progress breeding and allow farmers and plant managers an early look at the new material coming through.

Knowledge Sharing: The iFarm serves as a hub for knowledge dissemination. Agrii hosts field days, workshops, and seminars where farmers, agronomists, and other stakeholders can learn about the latest research findings and best practices.

Sustainability Focus: A significant emphasis is placed on sustainable farming practices. This includes exploring methods to improve soil health, improved use of organic fertilisers, reduce chemical usage, and enhance biodiversity on the farm.

Collaborative Research: Agrii collaborates with various research institutions, seed breeders, and product manufactures to conduct joint research projects that address specific challenges in agriculture.

Customized Solutions: The findings and innovations from Brotherton iFarm are used to develop tailored solutions for individual farms, helping them to improve their productivity and profitability.

Practical AD demonstration: the opportunity to have a visit to the on farm AD plant and have open discussion on how and why operations are carried out in the way they are. From crop chop length to clamp management, use of digestate to weed control plans.

For more information on what is happening at Brotherton IFarm, please contact or

To demonstrate our innovation biomass crops, we have organised an open day on 20th June.

Date – Thursday 20th June
Time – 2pm until 4pm
Location – Brotherton IFarm, Smeaton Hall Farm, Birkin Lane, Knottingley, WF11 9LZ

For registration please email – – subject “Brotherton ifarm”


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