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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: A second bio-LNG plant for Puregas Solutions

Puregas Solutions has today been awarded a second contract to supply a CA50 LBG biogas upgrading plant to Finnish energy solutions provider Wärtsilä. The Puregas upgrading plant, capable of handling up to 1,250Nm3/h of biogas, will form part of a larger contract to supply a biohybrid production plant to the German energy company Erdgas Südwest GmbH. The new plant will produce both bio-LNG (liquefied biomethane) and LNG.

Sven Fischer, Key Account Manager for BioLNG at Puregas Solutions, said:

We’re extremely proud to be involved in this innovative new project. Our unique CApure process is ideally suited to Liquefaction Projects as we are able to reduce the CO2 content of the biomethane to below 50ppm in one step, making liquefaction possible.

Wärtsilä reported that the technology for this plant represents a new and unique response to market needs to liquefy and store methane-based energy streams. Both gas cleaning and liquefaction are cost- and energy-efficient, thereby making profitable projects possible even for smaller gas streams. This is especially important within the European Union where the target is to have 10 percent of the fuel produced from renewable sources by 2020.

The new biohybrid solution will be integrated into the customer’s existing biowaste-to-biogas production facility, whilst LNG production will be part of the customer’s existing pipeline gas infrastructure.

Oliver Auras, Project Director at Erdgas Südwest GmbH, said:

This is a very important milestone for us at Erdgas Südwest. It is a completely new concept adapted to the future needs of the German energy market, and we see a great future for this type of storage solution.

For more information, contact Sven Fischer,

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