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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Europe needs More Biogas

More Biogas, located in Kalmar, Sweden, is a perfect example of the circular economy at work. Here over 30,000 tonnes of food waste, manure and agricultural residues are processed in their anaerobic digestion plant each year.

The biogas plant is partly owned by the farmers who provide the agricultural feedstocks, and in return receive a rich digestate fertiliser to spread on their land.

The plant also produces up to 700Nm3/h of biogas which is upgraded to biomethane by a Puregas Solutions CA30 plant. The biomethane is subsequently compressed to 250barg to produce bioCNG.

Most the bioCNG is fed into composite trailers, each capable of storing 5,000Nm3 of biomethane, which are then transported to the local municipality bus depot to fuel their fleet of CNG buses.

The remainder of the bioCNG is stored locally and sold to the general public to fuel their Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV).

The plant produces enough bioCNG to displace over 3 million litres of diesel each year. Surely we need More of this?

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