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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Maintaining fuel duty differential enables the UK to decarbonise transport

The Natural Gas Vehicle Network (NGVN) has campaigned for the difference between alternative and main road fuel duty rates to be maintained. And it seems the Government have not only listened, but gone further by extending the benefit by 10 years, to 2032.

The Autumn Budget, delivered yesterday- 30/10/2018 announced that ‘the government will maintain the difference between alternative and main road fuel duty rates until 2032 to support the decarbonisation of the UK transport sector, subject to review in 2024.’

 Mike Foster, Chief Executive, NGVN said;

HGVs in the UK represent just 2% of vehicles on the road but contribute 17% of transport carbon emissions. This needs to change. Keeping gas prices lower than diesel is exactly the sort of encouragement fleet managers need to make that essential switch, from dirty diesel to cleaner gas.


With carbon savings of 20% for natural gas and over 80% for biomethane, compared to diesel, the road ahead is clear for the Government to achieve its own target of substantial carbon savings by 2025.


NGVN have consistently delivered this message to the Department of Transport, supported, more recently by a report, from leading economists Frontier Economics, on behalf of NGVN, to help make the case in clear, hard-headed numbers.


The Treasury have made an informed and sensible choice, one which will pay dividends to the UK’s carbon emissions reduction targets.

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