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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: More gas, less maintenance with Landia GasMix

One of China's key comprehensive educational institutions has installed Landia’s GasMix digester mixing system to test various feedstocks and ascertain the best methods for optimising the AD process.

Located in the ancient capital of six dynasties in eastern China, the University of Nanjing’s Bioenergy Research Institute has so far been experimenting with feedstocks consisting mainly of rice straw and liquid pig manure that is mixed and pumped to the digester.

The 300m³ digester at the pilot plant benefits significantly from the fact that the Landia GasMix is externally mounted.  This makes routine servicing much easier than trying to gain access to traditional propeller mixer systems that are located inside the digester.  This disadvantaged design always creates significant downtime, as well as health and safety issues because of having to empty the digester.

Mr. Zhang Yabing, Manager of the biogas plant at Nanjing’s Bioenergy Research Institute, commented: 

Not only is the entire mixing system of the Landia GasMix mounted outside the digester, the power consumption is also low and the cutting system of the chopper pump cuts straw into smaller particles.

As an added bonus, it has also turned out that biogas production is much higher than expected.

An 18.5 kW Landia GasMix is installed at the university’s biogas plant, but because it only requires only a short operation time to mix the whole digester, approximately 20% – it is very energy efficient. Compared to the increased biogas production, GasMix can be considered an ‘energy neutral’ mixing system – one that truly mixes the entire contents of the tank for optimum efficiency.

Landia are at UK AD & Biogas (Stand B101) on July 1st and July 2nd, where Denmark’s University Of Aarhus will present its findings on the GasMix system.

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