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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Nijhuis H2OK Innovations and Award Nomination at UK AD & Biogas 2015

Nijhuis H2OK is exhibiting at UK AD & Biogas 2015. Featuring 250 exhibitors, a two-day conference, professional seminars, advice clinics and the prestigious UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards 2015, the trade show is one of the highlights in the AD event calendar.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants are an increasingly popular method of maximising waste to value. Nijhuis H2OK has designed numerous (AD) plants over the past six years and offers full design services, covering all aspects including tanks, services, access and waste handling.

At this year’s show, Nijhuis H2OK is demonstrating a number of newly released state of the art technologies:

  • The Aecomix™ – recognised for its unique anaerobic treatment capability based on solids retention by Dissolved Biogas Flotation, the Aecomix won the Process Efficiency/Optimisation Award at the ADBA Industry Awards 2014. It offers food and beverage plants the possibility of treating wastewaters and organic waste streams in one reactor with lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to other solutions.
  • The Nijhuis Ammonium Recovery System (NAR) – a revolutionary, robust technology to treat digestate or substrates from digestion with a very stable ammonium removal efficiency of over 80 – 90%. This technology has been jointly developed with one of the leading poultry processing companies in the UK to address the fast growing demand to maximize the value out of digestate and to turn their (waste)water facility into a resource efficient solution. The NAR technology has been been nominated for the ADBA Industry Awards 2015 in the category ‘Making the most of digestate’.

Upon receiving the nomination Menno M. Holterman, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

Nijhuis H2OK is very excited to be shortlisted for our revolutionary Nijhuis Ammonia Recovery (NAR) technology. This game-changing technology is another example of Nijhuis Industries’ successful waste to value strategy aimed at continuously supporting our valued customers to do “more with less” in waste, water and energy by linking people, communities and the environment to accelerate their sustainability journey.

Nijhuis Ammonium Recovery System Factors of Excellence:

  • Robust and cost efficient ammonium recovery technology.
  • Ammonium removal efficiency of more than 80%.
  • Ammonium sulphate is a nutrient with market value.
  • Improved COD/N ratio enables downstream biological treatment with a small footprint.

Visitors are invited to participate in the ADBA Green Seminar on 1 July where our experts will present the Nijhuis Aecomix™ as part of the ‘On-site AD – Food and drinks Sector’ session (10.00 – 10.55). On 2 July Nijhuis H2OK is presenting the ‘Second Largest Biogas Plant in Europe’ case study as part of the Green Seminar's ‘Large Scale AD Developments’ session (11.00-11.55).

Visit us at stand G401.

For more information please contact us:            
0333 7000 007

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