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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: PlanET Biogas Group receives prestigious innovation award

Sole Lead for Gas Management System

The PlanET Biogas Group received the ‘dlv novelties award 2017’, one of the most distinguished German innovation awards of the agricultural sector. The German agricultural publishing company (dlv) benchmarks outstanding technical developments in ten categories. At this year’s Eurotier in Hanover the PlanET gas management system was honored due to its practical impact on a demand-oriented biogas production.

Hanover/Vreden, 24th November 2016: The dlv jury honored the PlanET gas management system due to its added value for AD plant operators. The two main functional components are the PlanET eco® flexgas, a control unit for flexible pressure compensation between several gas storages, and furthermore the PlanET eco® gasakku, an external gas storage, which could be installed at ground level without the construction of a digester. Both state-of-the-art developments are necessary, if an AD plant operator intends to produce biogas on demand.


Continuous R & D pays off

The managing director of the PlanET Biogas Group, Jörg Meyer zu Strohe, and the responsible R & D project manager, Andreas Thesseling, received the brand award during the awards ceremony in Hanover. “We are glad to notice, that the dlv jury pays tribute to midsize enterprises which continuously invest into R & D and provide high tech solutions for AD plant operators”, Jörg Meyer zu Strohe assumed afterwards. Since many years the PlanET Biogas Group has been awarded for technical solutions, which enables an efficient and profitable operation of AD plants.

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