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New AD innovation is looking for a full scale site following a sucessful pilot. Could this be you?

ADBA have been approached by a new AD technology provider. The new technology has been trialled in Israel on a 100 head herd of cattle and claims to improve on conventional AD. The technology initally started as a water purification technique in Israel until its potential in AD was recognised.

The main benefit of the system is that it increases the throughput of the system by having a reduced hydralic retention time. By increasing the systems throughput the footprint can be half the size of a traditional plant and therefore have lower CAPEX.

For the plant the technology provider is ideally looking for a site with the below characteristics:

  • UK site with indoor cattle all year round
  • 1-2,000 head heard of cattle (dairy preferably), which has an estimated IRR in the high teens
  • Chicken muck can be used as a supplement as it has been trialled already
  • Gas grid or near a connection facility
  • Existing AD plants can be re-arranged


Feel free to pass my details onto those who you may have an interest in the above.

Please contact Sam Hinton on or 07795186026 for more information on the project or for details to contact the technology provider.

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