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Terminodouer versus Stinking Bishop – smell the winner!


On stand B61 CSO Technik featured an interactive exhibit demonstrating the power of its Terminodour™ odour control system to abate food waste odours. Brave visitors were given the opportunity to smell a ripe Stinking Bishop cheese and other food waste in an untreated capsule and then discern the difference by smelling the capsule treated with Terminodour. In addition to Terminodour CSO staff advised on its full range of odour control technologies.

Biogas desulphurisation was featured heavily including the new range of high rate biological systems from German partners S&H. The Sulphpur™ system is unique in its incredibly low operating costs and no requirement for process water, nutrients or discharge waste.

CSO Technik also be exhibited the Roto-Sieve™ Drum screen for liquid solids separation including removal of plastics from sludge. A cutaway version of the Lackeby Products unique heat exchanger was also featured on the booth.

A model flare from partners Ennox formed part of the exhibit and allowed visitors to gain a detailed understating of the gas burner technology from this Austrian company along with its wide range of ancillary equipment for the AD process including, foam traps, low pressure gas bags, and digester windows.

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