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UK upgrading plant to be equipped with ADBA member Pentair Haffman's technology


Pentair Haffmans has been awarded the contract toprovide the biogas upgrading system to Springhill Farms, Worcestshire. Once in operation, this installation will produce 1,630,000 m3 of biomethane per year and recover 4,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Biogas Nord AG, a leading global supplier of turn-key biogas solutions, is the builder of the biogas plant. Installation of the 500 Nm3/h Pentair Haffmans’ system is scheduled to begin at the end of the year, with commissioning in the first quarter of 2013. At full operation, 1,630,000 m3 of biomethane will be produced per year. This is enough to supply 1,000 households with their annual natural gas consumption.

This system will be the first in the UK to feed biomethane into the natural gas grid and at the same time recover the CO2 by-product. The recovered CO2 is stored in a buffer tank and used as natural fertiliser for tomato cultivation in the farms’ greenhouses. The system configuration allows for precise dosing of the CO2 according a set timetable that assures optimal plant growth.

Asnat Drouianov, Managing Director, Biogas Nord:

Biogas Nord is continuously looking for innovative solutions that offer benefits for the customer and the environment. Pentair Haffmans fits our strategy well as this technology offers a very efficient use of resources and at the same time provides sustainability benefits.

Pentair Haffmans’ biogas upgrading technology outperforms conventional techniques by providing two additional advantages. Biogas primarily consists of a mixture of methane and CO2. The technique used makes it possible to recover 100% of the methane, thus eliminating the environmentally harmful ‘methane slip’. In addition, the CO2 by-product is recovered for use in a variety of applications, including greenhouse growing.

Olaf Müller, Managing Director, Pentair Haffmans:

The new biogas upgrading system in the UK is another important step towards strengthening our presence in the renewable energy sector, following our business activities in the Netherlands and in Germany.


This project reconfirms the market requirements for our biogas upgrading technology and gives us an opportunity to work closely with a customer that continuously looks to offer the best solution possible.

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