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Weekly collections must segregate food waste – Redesdale


Commenting on Eric Pickles’ announcement of a £250m fund to support councils returning to weekly bin collections, ADBA Chairman and Lib Dem peer Lord Redesdale said:

If Eric Pickle’s announcement on supporting weekly household bin collections means that DCLG is leading the charge for source segregated organic collection, it would be great news. This money must only be available to councils who make the best use of the resources which we throw away.


That means weekly collection of food waste, segregated from dry recyclable material such as plastic, glass and metal. Not only is that the ‘smelly’ bit which householders want collected, but it also helps get the most out of the whole waste stream – by preparing food waste for anaerobic digestion and reducing contamination in dry materials.


The Waste Review recognised that AD gets the greatest environmental benefit from food waste, and this fund can be a massive boost to the AD industry if it encourages councils to collect food waste separately.

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