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Welcome to the latest issue of AD & Biogas News: ‘How can we get food waste policy right?’

If we want to realise the full potential of AD in the UK, then we cannot ignore one of the UK’s largest untapped feedstock streams – the food and drink industry’s food waste. Whilst it is unquestionable that we need to do everything possible to avoid food waste in the first place, not only economically but also from an environmental perspective it is equally crucial that the remainder is treated by the current most efficient process which is anaerobic digestion (AD).

So how can we address the fact that only 7% of the annual 15m tonnes of food and drink waste arising in the UK is being sent to AD?

A ban of food waste going to landfill is definitely one answer, however as our feature ‘Increasing food waste sent to AD – Is legislation the only answer?’ shows, innovative AD operators, developers, waste managers, local authorities, food and drink businesses and technology providers have decided to wait no longer and have come up with a range of solutions to secure food waste streams for AD. Procurement hubs, location planning, innovation in waste collections, cross-sector collaboration, education and depackaging solutions are just some elements that can make a difference in extracting food waste for AD. Turn to pages 8-10 to read the full feature.

One area that is currently seeing huge growth is gas upgrading, with more than 30 UK projects in the pipeline – an enormous increase considering there are currently just four gas to grid injection projects in the UK. With more and more developers and operators deciding to upgrade their biogas, they face that all important question of which upgrading technology to choose. To offer some initial guidance, we have put together a key list of questions you should ask when selecting your upgrading technology as well as the latest upgrading case studies from across the country (See pages 16-19).

Reflecting the level of activity in the UK AD sector, our trade show UK AD & Biogas 2014 (2-3 July, NEC) has seen some excellent growth, selling out the initial floor plan and with an extension now almost filled. This year we will feature a new R&D hub alongside old favourites including the free to attend conference, 22 seminars, one-to-one advice clinics, networking café, biomethane vehicle area and the third UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards (2 July). Please turn to pages 21-23 to view the full show preview.

Also inside this issue:

  • Foreword by Louise McGregor, Head of Market Development, Zero Waste Scotland (p.3)
  • FIT and RHI updates (p.4-5)
  • Inaugural crop operator working group meeting proves enlightening (p.31)
  • ADBA response to DfT consultation brings support for biomethane fuel (p.25)
  • New regulator meetings for ADBA members (p.36)
  • Safety first (p.37)

I hope you enjoy this publication and find it informative. If you haven’t contributed before and would like to, turn to page three to see how you can be involved in our upcoming features. As always, if you have any views, comments or suggestions – or would like us to visit your site – please get in touch.

With best wishes,

Charlotte Morton

Chief Executive

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