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Future of permitting: update on the BREF process

The Environment Agency have contacted operators who have agreed to take part in data collection for the waste treatment BREF process this week, to clarify final pieces of information. The BREF (Best available treatment REFerence document) will be used as…

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RHI degression guessing-game

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) degression mechanism for both biomethane and biogas depends on four factors, which are calculated quarterly: The forecast spend for each individual technology (e.g. biogas, biomethane) for the following 12 months, based on pre-accreditations, deployment and…

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“Fuelling Britain’s Future” — report launch

On Monday I attended a seminar hosted by LowCVP to discuss the findings of a report commissioned by the European Climate Foundation entitled "Fuelling Britain's Future". The report assesses the economic costs and benefits of decarbonising passenger cars and vans…

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RHI sustainability criteria regulations published

Earlier this week, the government laid new RHI regulations covering sustainability criteria. These are available in full here, for those who enjoy reading Statutory Instruments in full. The regulations are now passing through Parliament, and assuming no problems in that…

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FIT accreditation: can you buy biogas?

We have now heard of a number of plants that have received pre-accreditation and purchased the engine but are struggling to complete the full plant within the 12 months provided, often due to circumstances beyond their control. Some developers have…

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Updated ABP composting & biogas guidance

We have just received a copy of the updated ABP composting and biogas guidance from Defra. The document combines the original text with the revisions and changes that we have discussed with the department over the last couple of years. …

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