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Liquid biomethane project wins government funding

As part of the Future Fuels for Flight and Freight Competition (F4C), which was launched in April 2017 to encourage private sector investment in the development of advanced fuel production facilities in the UK, seven industry-led projects have won a share…

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Biomethane for transport market shifts up a gear

There have been encouraging signs for the biomethane transport sector in recent months and investment interest in the sector is growing. In the UK, the Renewable Transport Fuels and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations 2018 came into force on 15th April…

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How far can your car run on 1kg of food waste?

Last week, the World Biogas Association (WBA) launched a new landmark report on urban food waste, its environmental impact, and the benefits of separately collecting it, treating it and recycling it through anaerobic digestion. The report also features a how-to section to…

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Reformed RTFO coming into force 15 April

The The Renewable Transport Fuels and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations 2018 legislation has now been approved by both Houses of parliament and been signed by the Minister and made. It will come into force on 15th April 2018. The legislation…

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Cleanest HGVs will pay less to use UK roads

Department for Transport has today announced a change to the Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) levy for hauliers running cleaner lorries, as part of efforts to improve air quality across the UK. The changes to the levy seek to encourage hauliers to…

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