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Farmers rally to support AD in parliament

Today in the House of Commons almost 150 farmers will join around 90 MPs and Peers at a parliamentary event aimed at championing the anaerobic digestion industry. Farming representatives from across the UK will join the farming themed event to…

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FIT deployment cap now totalling 17.173MW

Last week we learned that the FIT deployment cap of 5.8MW for AD had been breached in 15 minutes and that by the end of the first day of the current quarter applications had been submitted amounting to a total…

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FIT deployment cap reached in 15 minutes

On 8 February the first quarter FIT deployment cap for AD was re-opened. The current cap period, which continues until 31 March was reached almost immediately - after just 15 minutes - with pre-accreditation granted to the 5.8MW worth of…

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Green gas trimming carbon this Christmas

Green gas will be cooking your giblets this Christmas and for many festive seasons to come. Thanks to rapid growth this year, with a quadrupling of biomethane-to-grid plant numbers from 10 to 40, more households are cooking with home-grown green…

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Green gas vital to UK carbon abatement

In the wake of a “historic” agreement reached at the Paris Climate Change conference, with a commitment to keep global temperatures well below 20C, the UK government’s revised green gas strategy could place anaerobic digestion (AD) at the heart of…

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