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Leaving the EU: implications on UK energy policy

The Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECC) is exploring the implications for UK energy policy of leaving the European Union. The aim of the inquiry is to understand the implications of the UK’s departure from the EU on UK energy policy,…

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ADBA present AD ‘energy revolutions’ to Parliament

The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee is investigating disruptive innovation in the energy sector, including technologies with the potential to transform existing market structures. ADBA members suggested innovations that could transform the energy sector. You can read our submission here. We presented…

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AD energy revolutions: what should we promote to Parliament?

The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee is investigating disruptive innovation in the energy sector, including the potential of technology to transform existing market structures, and Government support for innovation. They are calling for suggestions of innovations that could transform the…

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ADBA promotes AD for heat and transport in Parliament

The Energy and Climate Change (ECC) Select Committee is investigating the 2020 targets of a 15% reduction in energy consumption the UK government, with a 12% renewable generation from the heat sector and 10% of transport. Our response comments on the…

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The fumes from ‘renewables bonfire’ will cost lives

ADBA has written to the chair of the Commons Energy Select Committee, Angus MacNeil MP, asking his committee to scrutinise the impact that DECC’s ‘capacity market’ plans will have on levels of deadly air pollution. The Energy Committee is holding…

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Taking a lead on parliamentary scrutiny

Last month ADBA responded to the House of Commons Energy & Climate Change Committee’s request for industry feedback on the scrutiny body’s short and long term priorities.  ADBA was subsequently selected to join a roundtable debate in parliament as one…

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