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AD- a solution to crises

We live in an age of crises. Be that the energy crisis, the looming climate crisis, the fertiliser crisis, the food security crisis, and the repeated CO2 crises- it is evident that in the UK at least, we are ever…

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Policy insight: Energy Security Strategy

  Last week, the Government released its British Energy Security Strategy, laying out its plans to increase the domestic production of energy in response to instability of the global energy market (e.g. Ukraine War). The Strategy was seen by many…

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A Green Response to COVID-19

In a crisis like the one we are living through, we need to remind ourselves of platitudes, that crises can provide opportunities. Although this is hard to consider when faced with the great challenges that have arisen, history is ripe…

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Power cuts raise questions for electrified future

On 9th August the lights went out for approximately 1.1 million electricity customers. Electricity failed, and although the power outage was connected to a lightening strike, it was just one of many and represents an apparently rare and unexpected event.…

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ADBA to inform DfT 2030 transport energy strategy

DfT are undertaking a top level review of Transport Energy strategy for 2030 and 2050. The project is looking to align work undertaken and situate it in its broader context. Completed projects that will inform the strategy include: LowCVP Roadmaps,…

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Green gas trimming carbon this Christmas

Green gas will be cooking your giblets this Christmas and for many festive seasons to come. Thanks to rapid growth this year, with a quadrupling of biomethane-to-grid plant numbers from 10 to 40, more households are cooking with home-grown green…

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