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Decoding the RWS consultation (II): collection

Following last week's article on consistency, this week we want to open up the discussion on different collection systems as in the Consultation on consistency in household and business recycling collections in England. Defra's proposals to meet the ambitious municipal waste recycling…

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How are we doing on separate food waste collections?

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has provided the latest data on separate food waste collections among local authorities (LAs) in England. In 2016/17, there were 109 LAs with separate food waste collections in place, representing 1/3 of all LAs…

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How to achieve UK-wide separate food waste collections

Yesterday I gave a presentation at EDIE Live about introducing source-segregated food waste collections throughout the UK. The event features talks on smarter and more sustainable business and brings together energy, sustainability and resource efficiency professionals.  I spoke about where…

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Food Waste in England: ADBA provides views to EFRA

Today is an important day for food waste and for the AD industry with this morning's launch of the Framework for Greater Consistency in Household Recycling for England which encourages a more consistent approach to goods and packaging recycling and…

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