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CCC’s publishes its 6th carbon budget

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) last week released its monumental report “The Sixth Carbon Budget: The UK’s Path to Net Zero”, which explores five different scenarios that could successfully deliver the government’s carbon neutrality target by 2050. The report’s favoured…

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Cleanest HGVs will pay less to use UK roads

Department for Transport has today announced a change to the Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) levy for hauliers running cleaner lorries, as part of efforts to improve air quality across the UK. The changes to the levy seek to encourage hauliers to…

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Transport now the biggest emitter in the UK

Transport has now become the largest emitting sector in the UK. Government policy should refocus its efforts on decarbonising this sector, which has seen its emissions stay virtually the same since 1990. Biomethane can play a significant role in decarbonising heavy transport, through the RTFO. Energy Census are now reporting on RTFC prices on a weekly basis.
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Bioenergy Review – Call for Evidence

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is conducting a review of bioenergy, which will review work undertaken in 2011 into the potential role of bioenergy in meeting UK carbon budgets through to 2050. You can read the full terms of…

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