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Boost in small scale AD before tariff cut

DECC has released Feed-in Tariff (FIT) deployment data for November 2014 which highlights that many developers made pre-accreditation applications in September in order to avoid the full force of Feed-in Tariff cuts, which are brought about by the degression policy. …

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Farm Power report identifies potential of on-farm AD

Forum for the Future have published a report looking at the potential for farm power, which identifies significant potential for farm-based renewable energy, including AD. You can download the report here: Forum have identified the potential for up to 1,000MW…

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The role of AD in poultry farming

The poultry meat industry continues to grow globally, as does the volume of hatchery waste: eggshell debris and fluff, infertile eggs, dead embryos, culled chicks, egg fluids and of course chicken manure. In recent years, rising disposal costs, environmental regulations…

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