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Preparing for separate food waste collections

At the ADBA National Conference this week, Investment Minister Graham Stuart MP dropped a strong hint that the forthcoming Resources & Waste Strategy will contain a provision mandating compulsory separate food waste collections in England. This has now been reported…

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More than food or fuel: AD and land use

How do stakeholders inside and outside the AD industry view the use of crops for AD? That’s the subject of a new report from Mirjam Röder, a researcher at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Mirjam has a degree in…

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Farmers rally to support AD in parliament

Today in the House of Commons almost 150 farmers will join around 90 MPs and Peers at a parliamentary event aimed at championing the anaerobic digestion industry. Farming representatives from across the UK will join the farming themed event to…

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RHI: presentation from conference

It was great to see so many members at ADBA's National Conference yesterday. Thank you to everyone who attended, and who contributed to the discussions. In my presentation in the biomethane session, I was able to go into a bit…

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Amber Rudd backs indigenous gas

Marking a major shift in UK energy policy, the Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, is today expected to unveil plans to prioritise support for indigenous sources of gas, as she announces the phasing out of coal-fired power stations by 2023. As…

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CBI slams government’s renewables policy

The Confederation of British Industry’s Director General, John Cridland, is widely considered the voice for British business, and so it will not go unnoticed that he has today slammed ‘the worrying signal to businesses’. Speaking alongside the former Vice President…

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