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Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings’ Reshuffle

On 13th February 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson conducted an anticipated cabinet and ministerial reshuffle that gave an insight into the direction of his Government. The appointments made by Boris and his chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, have tightened No 10…

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ADBA Sends Budget Asks to Treasury

The Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver the 2017 Budget to Parliament on 22nd November 2017. ADBA has written to the Exchequer Secretary setting out the key policies that can boost AD across the UK. We’ve been hearing a more…

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The political case for AD starts with you!

What’s changed? HM Treasury appears to be refusing to participate in constructive dialogue on the vital role of renewables in a thriving UK economy, and each government department is currently pre-occupied grappling with how to meet the hefty cost reductions…

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