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£25K research funding up for grabs – apply by 16th October

We would just like to alert you to a new short-notice funding opportunity from the Anaerobic Digestion Network – £25K Seeding Catalyst Roadmap. Details are available on the website now (, with a deadline of 16th October for all applications.…

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Renewable Heat Industry Advisory Group update

Last Friday I attended an Industry Advisory Group (IAG) that the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) organise with the associations representing renewable heat member companies, across biogas, heat pumps, biomass and other technologies. It is a useful…

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MPs put forward Future of Gas proposals

On Monday I attended a reception in Parliament on the future of the gas grid. It was another opportunity for the mainstream of the energy industry to bash the idea of switching to an all-electric heating system for the UK,…

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Heat decarbonisation and the role of new AD feedstocks

At some point in the next decade, the government will need to decide how it will largely decarbonise heat by 2050. Clearly the assumption behind this statement is that they remain committed to decarbonisation. Decarbonising the electricity grid will look…

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BEIS methane leakage from AD plants project

BEIS are hoping to conduct a study on methane leakage from AD plants.  The study would involve setting up sensors around a number of AD plants to monitor methane levels. BEIS feel that the existing literature on methane leakage from…

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