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Optimising the AD process: every little helps

Our industry magazine, published this week, has highlighted how AD plants should be optimised, with tips from the experts. Areas mentioned included: Metering of feedstock input volume and measurement of dry matter Metering and analysis of gas pH monitors Temperature…

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Digesting the indigestible

Day two of this year's R&I Hub at UK AD & Biogas will have a big focus on indigestible material in food waste.  Why is this important? Food waste AD has developed dramatically in the last three years: the volume…

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Can research and innovation rescue on-farm AD?

The news for future developments in on-farm AD seems pretty gloomy at the moment: no extra support coming through FITs, caps to the levels of deployment, and long waits between the time you apply for and receive pre-accreditation. On top…

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DECC FIT consultation published: ADBA briefing

As you may well be aware, DECC have today released their consultation on the future of the Feed-in Tariff for AD. See our briefing on this here. Our public reaction can be found here. We had expected this consultation would…

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