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Tyras Dairy, Trikala Greece

Designed to treat:

2,500m3/day of wash waters

220m3/day of lactose

90m3/day of by products including market returns


Plant consists of 1000m3 ECSB reactor

COD Load 18,350kg/day

Producing 322nm3/hr biogas

Energy output >2 MW/hr

3 x 700m3 Solids Waste Digesters (SWD)

Solids Stream – Market returns

Feta cheese, Yoghurt, Milk, DAF solids

COD load 10,000 kg/day

Loading 5kgCOD/m3/day

Producing 2,500nm3/day biogas

Biogas used to feed boilers

Plant constructed by HydroThane T&C  Greece

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