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Cumnock AD plant upgrade

Feasibility study for codigestion of sewage sludge and waste to provide biogas heat and power to local masterplan

Horizons Environment, a part of Scottish Water, is considering investing in the necessary equipment to accept organic waste. This requires an upgrade to their existing anaerobic digesters forming part of the sludge treatment centre at Cumnock WWTW.

Ramboll were appointed to prepare a feasibility study to form the business case for investment. Part of this scope involved identifying how improvements in the efficiency of the existing system and the possibility of co-digestion could enhance the biogas yield.

Ramboll completed a detailed review of the existing plant operation and productivity. We also reviewed the proposed development and its potential demand from the biogas generated. We then considered a series of phases of investment that allow Horizons Environment to stage their investments in a way that allows them to prove each upgrade before moving on.

The optimum use of the biomethane was also considered based on the location of the end user. We developed a financial model for the upgrade investment. With the use of this technology still in its infancy within the UK, Ramboll clearly outlined the regulatory requirements and incentives relating to biogas and used its experience and expertise in Sweden to advise HE in this venture.

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