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Energy Bill is the first step on the road to securing our energy future


Reacting to the launch of the Energy Bill today [29 Nov] Charlotte Morton, ADBA, chief executive said:

Agreement on funding for renewables in the Energy Bill could be used to provide much needed clarity to the sector, as it is only through clear long term policy that the AD industry and other renewables can attract the investment to deliver their potential for energy security, carbon reduction and economic growth.


Proposals in the Bill could go further, however. Commitment to a 2030 decarbonisation target and recognition of the benefits of green gas over shale and other fossil fuel gases would help deliver further certainty to investors.


The Energy Bill also represents an opportunity for considering the interaction of energy with other policy areas, and joining up thinking across energy, waste, farming, land use, transport and economic growth in order to ensure that the UK meets its long term objectives.

A full response and detailed summary for ADBA members to follow.

The DECC press statement including full text of Ed Davey’s speech can be found here.

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