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ADBA member Geotech upgrades its BIOGAS 5000


Users of Geotech’s portable biogas analyser can now upgrade to the latest, time-saving firmware with a free internet download.

The upgraded unit provides the simplest possible means of taking routine readings of the key gases, particularly methane (CH4).

Regularly used to monitor H2S before and after desulphurisation, the BIOGAS 5000 can measure H2S from 0-10,000ppm. This portable biogas analyser measures gases produced during anaerobic digestion, including CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S, as well as measuring system pressure and gas flow.

Available on all BIOGAS 5000 analysers, users can simply download and add this firmware upgrade at no cost. Alternatively, Geotech will automatically complete the upgrade when it services and calibrates analysers.

Users can select whether to have user prompts on or off, and can take a simple gas reading with either setting.

Videos showing the different settings are available at:

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