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ADBA on tour – visit to Copys Green AD plant

This week, Jon, Chris and I enjoyed a visit to Copys Green AD plant, which is operated by Dr Stephen Temple (JF Temple & Son Ltd). The site is located in rural Norfolk and it was a treat for us to get out of London and into the countryside on a sunny day! It’s always great for us to visit our operator members to hear about their experiences of running AD plants.

Image 1: Copys Green AD plant

The plant is fed slurry from the farm’s dairy herd, maize and fodder beet, and whey from the farm’s award-winning cheese-making enterprise. It was great to see the numerous benefits that AD provides to the farm and to the environment, including the production of renewable energy (some of which is used directly to power the farm’s operations), reduced odour, reduced potential for diffuse pollution and production of valuable biofertiliser, which is spread back onto the farmland.

Image 2: Discussing the Best Practice Scheme for AD

During the visit, we discussed the proposed content of ADBA’s Best Practice Scheme (the pilot of which we’ll be launching at UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo in July) and gained useful insight into the site management processes, the process monitoring that is undertaken at a small-scale plant and the types of records that are kept. All of this feedback will help us ensure the scheme works for smaller operators. We will be continuing to engage with operators of different types and sizes over the coming months to progress the scheme development – if you’re interested in getting involved and haven’t yet been in touch with me, please drop me an email at

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