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Appropriate measures for the biological treatment of waste: consultation response

The EA have now published their response to the appropriate measures consultation. This response goes through the questions in the consultation outlining what comments were made by industry and then, in turn, the EA’s response.

A link to the consultation response can be found here:    

A revised version of the appropriate measures guidance will be published by the EA in due course.

The EA have stated the following “We will implement the guidance for new permitted facilities through the environmental permit application process. For existing facilities, we will do this through staged permit reviews. We have also reviewed the existing standard rules that apply to biowaste transfer and treatment operations. The review ensures that those standard rules provide an appropriate level of environmental protection and include the appropriate measures and standards. The revised versions will be published shortly.

Once published, the guidance will apply to all biowaste operations.

New installations must meet the standards from the start of operations. Sites permitted after 17 August 2018 must already be meeting them. Existing waste installations (permitted before August 2018) are required to meet BAT and the associated emission limits (BAT AELs) by 17 August 2022. Where an operator is unable to comply by the deadline they have an option to apply for a derogation. Advice regarding derogations for BAT compliance is available through the Industrial Emissions Directive derogation: cost-benefit analysis tool.”

We will continue to update members as information becomes available.



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